Dodge billions of bullets repeatedly while firing out millions more. Explode baddies, shoot bosses, collect powerups. Vertical shooter. Collect "Blues" from dead enemies. Blues enable reflect shield, reflect enemy bullets. Reflect six enemy bullets to regain spent Blue.

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fren-ze was made in collaboration with Antony White of Paw Print Games



"excels in it's intricate design and strikes a fine balance between risk and reward" Way Of The Rodent, the2bears,

PS2 version

The original Playstation 2 version of fren-ze was created by Antony White of Paw Print Games, smaller, harder, simpler than the PC issue. It was released on the following Official Playstation Magazine Coverdisks:

Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK #54 *
OPS2 Demo 54 French *
OPS2 Demo 54 Spanish *
OPS2 Demo 54 Portuguese *
UPS2 Demo Italia 2005 / 01 *
OPS2 German UNCUT 1-2005 *
Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK #55

* hidden, hold L1, L2, R1, R2 on main menu, fren-ze appears in COMEDOWN menu section